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Indulge in a tranquil seaside adventure on the shores of tropical &Beyond Benguerra Island. Relax on golden beach sands washed by balmy Indian Ocean waters or explore the vibrant and beautiful coral reefs that hide beneath the waves. Battle the mighty denizens of the deep with some of the world’s most exciting catch-and-release deep sea fishing. Gallop along the beach on horseback at sunset or toast the setting sun from a traditional sailing dhow. Explore the clear lakes in the island’s interior, get a glimpse into local life at the village or treat yourself to a private picnic among the towering sand dunes.

An exquisite piece of paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, &Beyond Benguerra Island is a luxury beach holiday destination where time stands still and legends come to life.

Situated on the second largest island in the sunny Bazaruto Archipelago off the coast of Mozambique, the lodge is set in a protected marine conservation area and offers pristine beaches and unspoiled coral reefs teeming with marine life. Looking out onto a sandy beach and set on a deep lagoon unaffected by the tides, this exclusive beach getaway is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Surrounded by premier diving sites, the lodge is the gateway to an underwater wonderland for divers, with a rich variety of tropical fish species complemented by Africa’s only population of the rare dugong. The deep Mozambique Channel, which runs alongside the island, is renowned for its game fish and Benguerra Island offers some of the world’s best catch-and-release deep sea fishing and fly fishing opportunities.

Day 1

On arrival at O.R Tambo International Airport, you will check in for your flight to Vilanculos International Airport.
Check in for your flight to Vilanculos International Airport from Kruger Mpumalanga Airport.

On arrival at Vilanculos International Airport, you will be assisted onto a helicopter flight to &Beyond Benguerra Island.

Day 1-4

As the second largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra offers exceptional opportunities to witness a slice of the very best of Mozambique’s exceptional marine life and experience an abundance of island adventures. Characterised by its towering sand dunes, inland lakes and idyllic beaches, Benguerra was declared a National Park in 1971. It is home to over 140 bird species and the pristine waters surrounding the island, as well as the exceptional archipelago, are host to the rare dugong and one of the most pristine coral reefs in the world. Guests visiting the island can awake to the sounds of fishermen trading their daily catch from their traditional sailing dhows and can embark on a series of adventures such as dhow cruises, diving, snorkelling and exhilarating catch-and-release deep-sea fishing.

Boasting a light tropical feel, &Beyond Benguerra Island is a luxury beach paradise tucked into a lush indigenous forest and looking out onto a picturesque crescent of golden sand. Ten casinhas and two cabanas set in a verdant forest and combine tropical chic with a distinct African feel and reminders of the area’s Portuguese heritage. Spacious bathrooms feature generous tubs and outdoor showers decorated with hand-painted tiles, while private timber decks and cool rim flow swimming pools offer a secluded alternative to beach sands and ocean waters. The three-bedroom Casa de Familia welcomes groups and families of all ages while ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

Spend four nights in a casinha at &Beyond Benguerra Island. Your stay includes the services of a Mozambican butler, a non-alcoholic welcome cocktail on arrival, all meals, all drinks (including soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers and bottled water), snacks (including private beach dinners and private meals on decks), teas, coffees and standard included activities.

Adventures include excellent snorkelling and scuba diving on the breathtaking reefs, along with fishing, kayaking, catamaran cruises, horse-riding, village visits and island walks.

Day 2

Equine enthusiasts of all ages, and riding levels, will have the memorable opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled Swimming with Horses adventure, on &Beyond Benguerra Island. Dress down for the occasion, in just your swimwear, and ride bareback into azure waters, gently striding into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean on top of your mount.

Expect splashing, and the occasional grunt of pleasure from your horse as it wades into the calm waters surrounding the lodge. Afterwards, hop off your steed and allow them to enjoy a well-deserved roll on the beach.

This 30 to 45 minute adventure allows for a maximum of 4 guests per swim and is perfect as a standalone activity or can be added after a more extensive horseback exploration of the island. The Swimming with Horses activity is seasonal as well as weather and tide dependent.

Day 3

Island expeditions are fully tailored and customised to accommodate your personal interests and preferences. Explore the azure lakes and creamy sand dunes on the northern side of the island, stroll among the pews of the resident church, and interact with the native Mozambican people in their vibrant thatch and straw village.

Climb atop golden sand dunes, and quaff cocktails as the sun is pulled to the other side of the world and the skies transform from bright peach to inky black. Relish a delicious dip in the ocean and as you crash against the waves, marvel at the towering Casuarina trees plunging into the shore. Cast your eye to the leafy branches and spot an Osprey, this specialist fish eater is a common sight, soaring over shorelines, patrolling waterways, and standing on their huge stick nests, white heads gleaming. Venture to the north western part of the island, to seek out Green Malkoha and sightings of the shy Suni antelope. Indulge in fresh, scrumptious fruit and vegetables from local farmers.

A fascinating excursion to the community centre, Centro Cumunitario Kanhe Kwedo reveals a wonderful community initiative where women delve into their entrepreneurial creative spirt and create beautiful beaded items, and men practice conservation initiatives.

Each drive is accompanied by a local guide with extensive knowledge of the island, its rich history and animated fauna and flora. Guides are dedicated to ensuring you are treated to an authentic local experience, teeming with culture and African flavour. Benguerra Island is awash with soaring sand dunes that shimmer under the golden sun, illuminating freshwater lakes that rival the azure ocean with their deep blue hues and inquisitive crocodiles. Marvel at the colourful vegetation peppered throughout the island, picture perfect in its lustrous presence and inhabited with the silhouettes of tiny rainbow-like birds and candy-floss flamingos. Stroll across the infinite stretch of unspoilt shore, in clear view of the vast ocean and admire the streaks of pink and amber in the sky before savouring a delectable picnic spread, served al fresco on unblemished, satiny sand.

Day 4

Venture out into the vast blue ocean on a boat, and explore exposed coastal reefs just off Benguerra Island at low tide with the aid of snorkelling gear. Witness the technicoloured marine life of the Indian Ocean, flitting through the translucent waters under the searching rays of the African sun.

Snorkelling at Two-Mile Reef will suit every guest, regardless of age and expertise. The boat ride out to the reef can be bumpy as the outgoing and incoming tides converge in the channel between Bazaruto and Benguerra Island. Two-Mile Reef is a flat-topped barrier reef renowned for its brilliant snorkelling. Highlights include a variety of hard and soft corals and many schools of reef and pelagic fish passing through. On the boat trip you may be lucky enough to spot playful dolphins and the elusive, endangered dugong.  Under the water you may encounter harmless reef sharks and slumberous turtles that effortlessly glide past with their wise eyes. Embrace the unspoilt beauty of the reef and the kaleidoscopic colours of the tropical fish that move in droves along the exposed coral. Two-Mile Reef is faultless in its beauty, guaranteeing an unforgettable outing, and is ideal for those who want to confidently explore the Indian Ocean’s shallower coral reefs. Your snorkelling excursion goes out at low tide, so is determined by the timing of the sea.

Day 5

After a mouth-watering breakfast, we wave a fond farewell as you board a helicopter for your flight back to Vilanculos International Airport.

Here you will check in for your flight to O.R Tambo International Airport.

&Beyond Benguerra Island

  • Diving and snorkelling some of the most pristine reefs in the world
  • Thrilling deep sea and fly fishing opportunities
  • Horse riding on the beach or among the soaring sand suns and freshwater lakes of the interior
  • Traditional dhow cruises, island expeditions, catamaran cruises and romantic castaway picnics
  • Africa’s only population of the rare and endangered dugong

The lodge

An idyllic luxury island getaway, &Beyond Benguerra Island lies sheltered within a canopy of indigenous casuarina pine forest, which opens up to panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

Looking out onto the calm waters of a secluded bay, the lodge boasts soft, shimmering beach sands, as well as a deep channel that cuts straight out to sea, allowing for swimming right off the beach even at low tide and permitting direct boat access.

The welcoming guest areas offer views of the lush tropical garden and the ocean beyond. Set deep in cleverly created patches of shade, comfortable loungers beckon set around the lodge’s rim flow swimming pool look out onto the waves.

Colourfully ornamented, a traditional wooden dhow has found its final resting place on the beach, offering the ideal spot to indulge in an ice cold cocktail or a delicious meal of fresh, fragrant seafood. After days filled with discovery, weary muscles relax and recharge under the magical attentions of the masseuses in the massage sala.